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 Get a free set of coloring pages for the
 kids if you're planning a birthday party
 family reunion or other gathering that
 requires keeping the children busy! 
 This attention grabber keeps the little
 ones busy and out of trouble, and it's
 a great way to let them show their
 creative side.
 This is a unique source for day care
 operators to print out a page or a
 number of pages for groups to show
 them how to use coloring tools like
 crayons or markers. Stay-at-home
 dads can also benefit as well as moms!
 Improvise, and give each child a
 special assignment coloring certain
 pages! Just have fun!

 Custom Coloring books are also available and these can be created for your
 company, group, or for your special event. You indicate the characters
 you'd like to have illustrated and give special details on layout, supply info 
 for the cover etc. Pricing for designing a corporate coloring book or 
 personalized coloring book is negotiable based on various factors and 
 please supply as much information in advance, to quote you a reasonable
 pricing for your intended project. Email and be sure 
 to visit here for other contact information and samples.


When you click one of the cartoons below, the larger version will appear. Print the cartoons out, which you want to include in the collection of coloring pages to give the kids for coloring. Staple the pages
 together to make one single coloring book or make several separate books to hand out.
 Or just print out several  pages to hand all of them out. You can also be inventive and create a mock
 coloring book of the printed pages by using your crafty imagination. Perhaps taping pages, or?

  The cartoons in these coloring pages are copyrighted. They cannot be printed in any commercial project
  or used for commercial purposes without written consent. If you have specific questions about using 
  these images in any professional way, email and a fast response is guaranteed.
  Otherwise these may be printed for coloring groups only. Thanks and we hope these bring lots of fun 
  and laughter to your children. The following link will help to associate you with the very important 
  issues of cartoon copyright protection laws.


 Coloring-BooksForKids condones creativity! We
  ask that you urge your kids or any child you
 know, to grab markers, crayons and pens! Get
 them to see how creative they can be with ink.
 Color is an expression . . .
 Show them how an otherwise dull looking piece
 of black & white line art can be brought to life
 by adding a bit of red, or blue . . . maybe
 green? Test out how mixing crayon colors
 together or blending into one another can bring
 out the artist inside!
 They'll soon want to grab a brush and bottle of
 tempra paint and graduate to becoming a
 painter! You will not realize this if it is not
 made apparent to them! Tell us about any of
 your successes and we might just show the
 samples here on this site! Oh, you say you're
 interested in finding art supplies for that little
 Picasso? How about checking out this great web
 site? CreativityForKids where you'll find a big
 selection of art supplies and other creative tools
 to satisfy all your artistic needs! Another great
 new resource is Kids Websites . Learn more about
 cartoons and the cartoon business by visiting this  
 new informative Cartoonist Information Blog!


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